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bibliography - press reviews, previews, features

“Developing a Good Eye” Dance Teacher Magazine – Jen Peters, 7/1/14


“Explorations with Moves and Words” New York Times – Gia Kourlas, 3/2/14


“Not those kinds of dances” Broadway World – Mary Callahan, 3/14


“casebolt and smith” The New Yorker – Joan Acocella – 2/14


“Year in Review: Top 10 Dance Performances of 2013” San Francisco Chronicle/SFGATE - Allan Ulrich, 12/13


“Year in Review: Chicago Dance 2013” Windy City Times – Laruen Warnecke, 12/25/13


“More Than Fish Dives: The Art of Partnering” Audience Architects – Lauren Warnecke, 11/23/13


“O(h) Review: Effortless Teamwork from Witty Pair” San Francisco Chronicle/SFGATE – Allan Ulrich, 8/11/13


“O(h): Duo transcends dance while explaining it” SFGATE – Rachel Howard, 8/7/13


“Duo has fun with dance” The Examiner – Lauren Gallagher, 8/5/13


“There’s still time to take in dance” Toronto Star– Michael Crabb, 7/12/13


“O(h)” CBC Manitoba – Rosie Fernandez, 7/17/13


“Toronto Fringe Festival: Plays we love so far” Torontoist – Steve Fisher, 7/10/13


“Quick Q&A: Liz Casebolt and Joel Smith” Dance Magazine – Victoria Looseleaf, 6/1/13


“casebolt and smith” Dance Magazine – Victoria Looseleaf, 3/1/12


“casebolt and smith’s O(h)” WEHO News – Samuel Bernstein, 2/3/12


“Casebolt and Smith bring their stellar O(h) to Los Angeles” Hollywood Soapbox – John Soltes, 1/20/12


“O(h) at the Actor’s Company Theater” Culture Spot LA – Gil Kaan, 1/19/12


“Not your ordinary evening of dance” Stage and Cinema – Sarah Taylor Ellis, 1/19/12


“casebolt and smith – Born Entertainers and Skilled Movers in O(h)” Eye Spy LA – Kelly Hargraves, 1/19/12


“O(h) at the Actors Company Theatre” LA Theatre Review – Bree Long, 1/18/12


“O(h) @ The Actor’s Company Theatre” The Working Author – Ernest Kearney, 1/18/12


“Performance Review: O(h) at the Actors Company Theatre” Los Angeles Times – Charlotte Stoudt, 1/16/12


“casebolt and smith: O(h)” Flavorpill – Kenneth Hughes, 1/13/12


“Dancing Machine” The Advocate – Christopher Donaldson, 1/13/12


“O(h) West Hollywood, with casebolt and smith” LA Stage Times, 1/13/12


“Lighter Side of Modern Dance” (Go) LA Weekly – Ann Haskins, 1/13/12


“casebolt and smith bring O(h) to West Hollywood” LAist – Ben Widdey, 1/12/12


“Liz Casebolt and Joel Smith plan more unorthodox moves” Los Angeles Times – Susan Josephs, 1/8/12


“casebolt and smith comic dance theater” LA Times Culture Monster – Susan Josephs, 1/7/12


“Dance Theater Duo Demystifies Dance” The Santa Barbara Independent – Elizabeth Schwyzer, 11/30/11


“casebolt and smith puncture the pomposity of performance art” Santa Barbara News – Ted Mills, 11/25/11


“Five unforgettable 2010 dance performances” Minn Post – Camille LeFevre, 12/25/10


“O(h)”: Casebolt and smith dance a dissertation” Twin Cities Daily Planet – Jay Gabler, 8/16/10


“Oh…What’s this then?” The Wild Reed – Michael Bayly, 8/9/10


“casebolt and smith: O(h) is a not-to-miss Fringe show” Minn Post – Camille LeFevre, 8/9/10


“The Out of Towner’s Showcase” – Metro Magazine - Bill Stiteler, 8/5/10


“Fringe 2010: Fringe Top 10” Twin Cities Daily Planet – Matthew A. Everrett, 8/3/10


“casebolt and smith at Echo Echo Dance Theater” What’s On Northern Ireland – Steve Batts, 5/23/10


“casebolt and smith are Inbound at Joyce SoHo” Infinite Body – Eva Yaa Asentawaa, 2/6/10


“Casebolt and smith at Joyce SoHo” The New Yorker,  2/3/10


“The ‘Real’ Thing” Minnesota Playlist – Matt Sciple, 8/8/09


“The best of what’s left of the Fringe” Star Tribune – Caroline Palmer, 8/07/09


“casebolt and smith: Speaking Out! Five Stars” Twin Cities Daily Planet – Matthew A. Everett, 8/6/09


“Final weekend: Here are our must see picks” Pioneer Press – Staff, 8/06/09


“casebolt and smith: Speaking Out! at the Southern – A view” Twin Cities Daily Planet – John Munger, 8/5/09


“casebolt and smith: Speaking Out!” Twin Cities Daily Planet – Phillip Andrew Bennett Low, 8/4/09


“casebolt and smith: Speaking Out!” Fringe Famous – Staff, 8/03/09


“casebolt and smith: Speaking Out!” Twin Pioneer Press – Rob Hubbard, 8/2/09


“casebolt and smith Speaking Out” Fringe by Numbers – Christopher O. Kidder, 8/02/09


“A Month of Dance in Vancouver” The Dance Current – Rob Kitsos, 3/12/09


“Performance Review: CA Touring Project” LAist – Ben Widdey, 11/22/08


“Dancers join hands, move forward” Los Angeles Times – Victoria Looseleaf, 11/21/08


“California Touring Project at Sherwood” – Kris Eitland, 5/21/08


“Review: California Touring Project” My Two Left Feet – Brian Schaefer, 5/10/08


“Review: New Dance at Saint Joseph Ballet” OC Register – Laura Bleiberg, 2/23/08


“Writer’s bliss with casebolt and smith” Itch Journal – Tania Hamidi, winter 2007


“4x4, Bluefoot Bar and Lounge” Artscape Media – David Lemberg, 1/14/07


“LA’s Finest” Dance Spirit Magazine – Lisa Arnett and Kristen Lewis, 12/06


“Center Dance Ensemble: Journeys of the heart” Arizona Republic – Richard Nilsen, 10/20/06


“Whew, it’s a Hothouse inside” Los Angeles Times – Susan Josephs, 9/24/06


“Derangements: Susan Rose at Greenstreet” The Boston Phoenix – Marcia B. Siegel, 9/12/02


“Choreographer’s return is a treat” Boston Globe – Karen Campbell, 9/08/02


“Choreographer Rose’s latest proves she’s a master” Boston Herald – T. J. Medrek, 9/08/02

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