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some of its parts - 10 minutes

Choreographed by: Joel Smith and Liz Casebolt - casebolt and smith

Performed by: Students at University of Nevada, Reno

Costumes: Rosie Trump

Lighting Design: Karin Olson


Commissioned by: University of Nevada, Reno Dance Department

Premiered at Redfield Proscenium Theater, Church Fine Arts Complex, University of Nevada, Reno. Thursday, May 1, 2014. Reno, NV.


"some of its parts" was developed through improvisational strategies based on deep listening, sensing and responding. We worked with concepts of "moving when your partner moves," "arriving and departing" and "clumping and unclumping."  The focus was to create community, group responsiveness and responsibility and was necessary for the dancers to get away from any one derivative vocabulary of dancing. We played with setting patterns and pathways of walking, running and sliding, locomotor movement, shifting weight and moving towards and away from the group. New layers of gestural material were built through collaboration and shared ideas.  Partnering was added as a way to heighten the group's shared sense of relationality and respobnsibility. Things have to happen in a certain time in order for them to work. Music was added for rhythm, time-keeping, playfulness, texture and irony (classical music to non-classical dancing -not a new idea).  The result is dance that demonstrates community, play and a sense of group task responsibility.

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