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is a solo project.

working with gabriel mata, professional dancer in san jose, ca.

exploring mexican-american identity, citizenship, queerness, embodied memory, desire, and where contemporary meets tradition


Since July 2014, I have been collaborating with Gabriel Mata to develop choreographic and written material that unpacks his personal story. We are creating a movement vocabulary that relies on his Limon training, but that seeks to find possibility away from the codes through which Limon translates meaning. The intersection of Gabriel’s citizenship, sexuality and dance interests are woven together with spoken word, gestural movement and contemporary movement vocabularies. “Gabriel: A Prologue” was presented at the Dance Portfolio Concert at San Jose State on May 4-5, 2015 as a twelve minute study.  We will continue to work together through Fall 2015 to further develop “Gabriel” into a twenty- to thirty- minute work.  Ultimately, “Gabriel” and “Little Yellow Leo…” will be paired together in an evening, tentatively scheduled for winter 2016.


selected rehearsal footage

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