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After Words - 14 minutes

Choreographed, Written and Performed by Joel Smith and Liz Casebolt - casebolt and smith

Costume Design: Joel Smith


Premiered at Anatomy Riot, Curated by Meg Wolfe. Zen Sushi Restaurant, Silver Lake, CA 2006

This Performance: The Moth (Story Telling Organization), Metabolic Studios/Farmlab. Los Angeles, CA 2008


“After Words,” is a staged, post-performance discussion in which we speak and review/rehearse specific moments in an “imagined” dance that we feel is reading as too romantic.  Our anxiety about representing heterosexuality traps us further into a comedy of errors and unexpected sexual innuendo. Through casual conversation we point out how meaning is made in relation to gender, sexuality and power. Even though “After Words” is meticulously scripted and choreographed, it feels at times like an open rehearsal. The audience is witness to the artists discussing the work while it is happening, and therefore the creative process is demystified.  “After Words” was presented at the Vancouver International Dance Festival in Canada, Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Dance Theater of Ireland in Dublin, Ireland, Joyce SoHo in New York City, CounterPULSE in San Francisco, Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA, Fringe Festival in Minneapolis, MN, 4 x4 dance series produced by Sushi Performancing Arts in San Diego, and most prestigiously as part of the The Moth Story Telling event at Metabolic Studios/Farmlab in Los Angeles, CA.

this video is a 6-minute excerpt from about 30 seconds in. 

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